One thought on “Request Form

  1. Hello My name is Christy Riddle,
    I am Hard of Hearing,I need information I was injured on the job and i am having a hard time finding a Workman Comp. lawyer and ASL interpreter. that will deal with someone hearing impaired. Trama to the spine maybe disabled for life. Also need a Lawyer for Social Security for my son Samuel Riddle and ASL interpreter. This has caused us to have a Financial hardship. Any information you may have on this please mail it to me 341 Creekside Drive, Willits, Ca 95490. Our phone has been turned off. In desperate need of someone willing to fight for hearing impaired.

    Christy Riddle
    341 Creekside Drive
    Willits, Ca 95490

    Our town needs to accommodate Deaf/hearing impaired more. Doctors and general business is hard for Deaf/Hearing Impaired to communicate.

    Thank you for any information that you may have


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